Here’s a very abridged selection of recently discovered things I shoot into my ears that are shaped like podcasts:

This one is a recent addition, but it’s fast becoming a firm favourite. Film critic Karina Longworth tells tales of old Hollywood. You enjoy that Devin Faraci penned essay in the back of Brubaker and Phillips Fade Out? That’s the kind of story you’re dealing with here. The episode on Frances Farmer is my personal favourite so far, but the opening episode on Kim Novak is heartbreaking and fascinating in equal measure.

This podcast (part of the awesome Radiotopia network) dubs itself ‘movies for your ears’, and that’s a pretty accurate description. Short stories, wonderfully acted. “It’s Your Funeral” was the episode that hooked me.

I listen to a few movie podcasts but this is the one that aligns most with my own personal tastes, I think. They also recently had a 24-centric episode (the only TV show they allow themselves to talk about) featuring the excellent David Brothers, that makes me want to give that show a second chance.

I presume a lot of people already know about this one, but I’m late to the party. Their recent interviews with Ed Brubaker, Kelly Sue DeConnick and JH Williams are all worth your time.

Part of the Nerdist network, this podcast is hosts Matt Gourley and Matt Mira sitting down with a guest or two and discussing every James Bond movie. Personal favourite is the OHMMS episode.

Because OHMSS.

A podcast about the unknown. This show (another from Radiotopia) covers quite a wide range of subjects, but all relate back to that tagline in one way or another. My personal favourite is the episode called “What One Does” about a guy who is currently trying to collect every VHS copy of the movie Speed. A man’s gotta have goals.

This is a relatively new podcast, and the episodes aren’t too lengthy, so this is a good one to give a whirl if time is a factor. This show covers various aspects and issues surrounding crime and criminal behaviour. The episode “Call Your Mom” about a mother/daughter pair who are both coroners is an example of what the show does best – putting a human face on tragedy, and the darker areas of humanity.

Teenage producers and the SoundCloud EDM revolution

The internet – bringing people together.

The future of the BBC: you either believe in it or you don’t

Part of a Guardian report on the BBC. This one concentrates on the type or programming we can expect in the future, and how the BBC wants to start producing shows of the calibre of Breaking Bad, etc.

Where Nobody Knows Your Name: ‘The Swapper,’ ‘Hotline Miami’ and Existential Avatars

Video games and the silent,faceless protagonist.

Click Like You Give a Damn: The Politics of Linkbait and How Feeding on Buzz Ensures a Malnourished Soul

“We have to start shaping the world we want with our clicks, because clicking is a public act.”


These will still be cross posted to my Tumblr (which can now be found here). Anyone who follows me over there does not need to adjust their TV.

I opened up a more personal blog because I wanted somewhere more permanent and personal where any longer posts I write can live. It’s a work in progress right now, so bear with me.

Tumblr is great, but services can disappear and get swallowed up at a moments notice.

Plus, I’ve been reading up on the IndieWeb movement a whole bunch, and I like the idea and thinking behind it.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s some stuff I’ve been reading recently.

It’s time to reconsider Alpha Protocol

It had its issues but Alpha Protocol did some really interesting things with plot, choice and causal effect.

America’s True Colors

Nice post by Noah Berlatsky on the sorely overlooked Morales/Baker Marvel mini-series, Truth.

Psychedelic Comics Hotshot Ales Kot Talks Winter Soldier, Diversity, Ghosts

Great interview with Ales.


I’m kind of obsessed with this game at the moment. It’s very ARG-like in its execution, and the topics it covers are all highly interesting.

How to be Polite… for Geeks

Don’t be a dick.

News on social media suffers a ‘spiral of silence’

Basically, we’re all afraid of being excluded from the pack.

Yes, People Still Read Movie Novelizations . . . And Write Them, Too

I only ever read the novelization of Empire Strikes Back myself.

The Outlaw Instagrammers of New York City

If you’re on Instagram, all of the accounts mentioned in this article are worthy of a follow.

The Troll Slayer

Great New Yorker profile of Mary Beard.